RKF Teams Up with FirstGiving

Key Director Lou Ann Pecorelli from Orem, UT reminded Distributors at Reliv National Conference how easy it is to host a Network to Nourish event in their community. In 2011, the Pecorellis hosted their first annual “Cruzin’ 4 Kalogris Kids” fundraiser. They combined their love for motorcycles with their desire to help raise money for the Foundation. For this year’s event, Lou Ann is anxious to take advantage of a new fundraising tool that is now available to distributors at no charge. The RKF has partnered with FirstGiving to make it possible for our distributors to raise money online for a specific event. Donating is no longer limited to just our Distributors and FirstGiving has made it easy and fun. Contact the RKF to receive more information on how you can customize your own fundraising page to support an event.

Non-Distributors now have the ability to make an online donation to the RKF. They can simply click on the “Donate Now” button located on the Foundation’s home page. In addition, a QR Code is now available for print materials, business cards, banners or anything that is created to help promote the Foundation. Simply scan the code with your smart phone and it will link you directly to the “Donate Now” feature. Email Courtney Colombo (ccolombo@relivinc.com) for the QR Code to be emailed to you or you can visit the Foundation’s Facebook page and download it directly (look for it in the Photo Album titled “RKF QR Code”).

Download and print this issue of the RKF Newsletter here.