GlucAffect is Patented

Reliv Distributors and customers have known for three years that there is no match for GlucAffect®, Reliv’s blood sugar management formula. And the US government agrees. GlucAffect has earned a patent! Order GlucAffect

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GlucAffect becomes the sixth patented Reliv product, joining Arthaffect®, Cellebrate®, FibRestore®, Innergize!® and ReversAge®. The announcement was made by Dr. C arl Hastings, the product’s inventor, at the Reliv National Conference in Reno.

“Earning this patent validates the work our R&D team put into making GlucAffect a superior nutritional approach to blood sugar management,” Dr. Carl said. “GlucAffect addresses one of today’s biggest health problems — metabolic syndrome — like no other product available. Most importantly, it works.”

GlucAffect Clinical Trial

In an eight-week, placebo-controlled clinical study of 50 overweight individuals with elevated blood glucose levels, test subjects taking GlucAffect lowered their fasting blood glucose by an average of 30%, moving from elevated glucose levels to healthy blood sugar values. In addition, those individuals taking GlucAffect lost an average of nearly 16 pounds during the eight-week period. No significant glucose lowering or weight loss was found in the control group.

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