Meet Our Ambassadors: Robert and Jean Benna

Benna, Robert and JeanRelief With Reliv

Bronze Ambassadors Robert and Jean Benna are no stranger to nutritional supplements. Before discovering Reliv, they played the role of “kitchen chemists,” mixing and matching various supplements to try and maximize their health. As the couple explains, “We both had health issues. We’ve always taken herbal supplements and multivitamins, but in just days, Reliv products did what other supplements couldn’t.”

“We looked at Reliv for a business to supplement our dairy income. We experienced such amazing results with our own health issues; we decided to become Master Affiliates. It was easy to tell everyone about Reliv and our business was born.”

Working Together

Robert and Jean say their business is a team effort. Robert is always eager to talk about the products and the couple’s success. He says, “I tell everyone I run into about Reliv. I feel that it’s a moral obligation. Today we took a load of straw over to the auction, and when we went in, an old friend asked us what we were doing. I said, ‘We work with a company called Reliv!’”

After Robert has gotten someone excited about the products or the business, Jean is always there to follow up and provide support and encouragement about living the Reliv lifestyle.

The two say, “We could sell a hay mower, but no one will come back and say that changed my life! This gives us the opportunity to change people lives in health and finances. You can’t put a price on that.”

More Than a Number

“We’re very appreciative of Reliv, their products and those that we’ve met working in the field. It’s a real company that really cares about people. You’re not just a number. They’re willing to help you in any way they can, and we really appreciate that.”

What do Robert and Jean wish Reliv would start doing in the future? That’s simple. Start making products that they can share with other pet owners, since their St. Bernard, Fannie got great results just taking one shake a day!

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