Reliv Kalogris Foundation: Letter from Our Chairman

Just back from our National Conference in Reno and I continue to receive very positive comments about the Kalogris segment. Our presentations are often updates covering heart warming stories about the malnourished and undernourished children we are helping throughout the world. Yet many distributors are surprised to learn how we are helping so many right here in the United States. Customers, friends and fellow distributors make up the largest number of product orders we send. Since 1995, over $30 million dollars worth of Reliv products have been distributed to those in need and with your support, we can continue.

Highlights of 2011, the National Conference in Reno and our goals for 2012 are covered in our quarterly newsletter.

Thank you for your continued support. Here’s to 2012!


Reliv Kalogris Foundation Chairman R. Scott Montgomery

Reliv Kalogris Foundation Donations

Donations in 2011 surpassed the $1 million mark again. Three of the last four years have reached this mark, enabling us to ensure all current feeding programs continue.

Download and print this issue of the RKF Newsletter here.

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