RKF at Reno National Conference

For those who were unable to attend the National Conference in Reno, we would like to share with you the latest updates from the Foundation. The main message conveyed to our distributors is how the RKF goes about helping individuals and organizations right here in the United States. Over the years, more than 10,000 individuals have benefited from our Assistance Program, as well as many US organizations. All requests come from distributors who want to make sure their customers, family members or they themselves are able to continue taking their shakes during challenging times, in addition to bringing the Foundation opportunities to offer support to various organizations. With the help of distributors who have personally utilized our Assistance Program, the following stories were shared.

Bronze Ambassador Roger Rockwell of Whidbey Island, Washington and his wife Mary have been distributors since 2003. Roger not only has utilized the Foundation’s Assistance Program for individuals needing help, he recently contacted the RKF about helping a small village in Gambell, Alaska. Soon the Foundation will be involved with an after school program for children ages 7 – 13. This program was established to provide a support system for children at risk for suicide, sex abuse and drug and alcohol addictions as a result of their home environment. The Reliv shakes will be a welcome addition for children who are currently lacking good nutrition.

Buckheart Ranch Ministries

Buckheart Ranch is located in Escondido, CA, and is dedicated to helping troubled youth turn their lives around by teaching them Christian principles, integrity, stewardship, commitment and promoting the family unit. Senior Director from Bozeman, MT, Kurt Behrendt introduced Buckheart Ranch Ministries Founder, Chuck Dilts to the Reliv products when he was personally faced with a serious health issue. After receiving fantastic results, both Kurt and Chuck knew that the boys at the Ranch could benefit as well. Kurt submitted a Program Assistance request to supply product to the boys and was pleasantly surprised by how easy the process was. The boys at the Ranch receive their daily shakes and during a recent visit by the RKF, were anxious to share their results. Chuck attended Conference to personally thank the Foundation and its donors for providing the products to the boys at the Ranch and to encourage others to apply for help if they know of a worthy organization that could benefit.

Learn more about Buckheart Ranch Ministries and how they are helping boys in need.

Sisters of Maternity

Another organization that is supported by the RKF is Sisters of Maternity, located in Lansing, MI. This is a faith based residential program for women who are pregnant and have life-controlling problems. During a recent visit from the RKF, we had the opportunity to talk to several women who are grateful for increased energy, better concentration and improved sleep. They also have now learned the importance of good nutrition for themselves, as well as their babies. The women know that through their daily shakes of Reliv products, they and their babies are receiving proper nutrition. Learn more about Sisters of Maternity and hear more from the moms and their Reliv babies.

Whether you know of an individual or organization in need of assistance, visit our website, complete the appropriate application and submit it to the RKF for consideration. You can help us, help others!

Download and print this issue of the RKF Newsletter here.

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