Reliv Kalogris Foundation Opens Clinic For Children And Pregnant Women


The Reliv Kalogris Foundation has made a profound difference in the lives of malnourished children throughout the world. This mission continues with the RKF’s newest project: a health clinic in Cavite, Philippines. Founder of Jesus King of Kings Ministry and RKF Site Coordinator Sr. Beth Perez oversees operations at the RKF Home. Since the home opened in 2008, she has been responsible for nourishing and educating the children who cannot otherwise attend school or receive proper nutrition.

An Opportunity to Grow

“When property became available directly across from us, I approached the Foundation about setting up a medical clinic,” Sr. Beth explains. “This medical clinic will enable us to reach out to children suffering from medical conditions, as well as pregnant women at risk of giving birth to unhealthy babies.”

According to Sr. Beth, poor and malnourished children often require medical intervention, treatment and care. Most of these sick children need a separate place where they can receive therapeutic help in the very early stages. The clinic’s goal is to provide the resources needed to keep children healthy.

“Illnesses like bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, diarrhea and tuberculosis are primarily caused by environmental problems such as unclean water supplies and poor nutrition,” Sr. Beth explains. “The clinic’s medical resources go hand in hand with nutritional support from Reliv Now® for Kids.”

Community of Caring

Doctors and nurses volunteer their services on Saturday mornings. When Sr. Beth encounters a child who needs emergency treatment during the week, the child can visit the doctor’s practice free of charge for a diagnosis and return to the clinic for treatment.
“When a child is diagnosed, the doctor prescribes the needed medication and also provides Reliv Now for Kids,” Sr. Beth says. “So these children not only receive medical help, they are also enrolled in the Reliv feeding program. The nutrition boosts the immune system, allowing for quicker recovery.”
The program can help prevent hospitalization or death from preventable illnesses by providing the children with early, proper medical assistance. Poor pregnant mothers will also be cared for, Sr. Beth adds. “By providing proper nutrition and care for the mother, we help ensure the children are born healthy and well-nourished.”