Out West


Senior Vice President of Distributor Success Don Gibbons traveled around the country this past fall to tell the story. What he found was the Reliv story told back to him – through inspiring accounts of better health, changed lives and renewed hope.

Career Opportunities

A young man at the Reliv Phoenix meeting, Ammon Opie, shared that he was just back from his mission trip. Instead of being stuck trying to get a job in a frustrating job market, he’s able to go right to work sharing Reliv and building a business.
In Portland, Oregon, Nicola Ash needed to earn $500 a month to be able to stay home and take care of her new baby. With Reliv, she has been able to do that for years. Now that her daughter is in school, Nicola is putting even more time into her Reliv business to increase her earnings.
In Eugene, Becky Hanson earned around $4,000 in her first month as a Reliv Master Affiliate; doing $16,000 in volume AND earning a Reliv iPad. She never earned that kind of money working full-time for 20 years at a disposal company.

A Better Life

In San Francisco, a construction worker who was frustrated trying to find work came to a Reliv event and found hope. He became a Distributor on the spot and shared his goals of reaching Master Affiliate in his first month, and then working towards earning a spot on Reliv’s Disney cruise in December. He said simply, “It’s been a long time since I was able to see a bright future.”
People who attend a Reliv event have a chance to see a whole new reality — a better life that they can achieve. There are so many people who are willing to work hard. All they need is a chance — and that’s what they find in Reliv.

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