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My Story: Sherri Selman and Mindy Jones


Shared Interests. “I shared Reliv with Sherri when she was battling knee problems. We soon realized we had many common interests,” Mindy says. “We’re both very adventurous, enjoy traveling and have strong spirituality. Sherri quickly became one of my best friends.”
Lifelong Friends. Sherri adds, “Mindy and I are proof that Reliv is more than just a business transaction — and these friendships can last a lifetime!”
Business Partners. “We’re here to support each other along the way. That’s not the case in most jobs. It’s easier to get through challenges when your business partners are also your friends,” Mindy explains.
Building Together. “I used to spend days at a time with colleagues, but I never developed as many deep friendships as in Reliv. Any business can be lonely if you don’t have someone to share ideas, dreams and goals with,” Sherri says. “And everyone wants to be part of something fun!”

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