From Franchise to Freedom

Jennifer Weaver of Bloomfield, MI

I found Reliv when I was looking for something to boost my six-year-old son’s immune system. Loic, now 13, has enjoyed years of good health. I can’t remember the last time he had a sick visit at the doctor. In addition, my energy levels soared, my husband’s high cholesterol fell into the normal range and my daughter grew up in perfect health.
At the time, I owned an aerobics studio franchise after leaving the corporate world. The idea was to have more time with my family. The added work, responsibilities and stress actually had the opposite effect. I also had to pay overhead and give 20% of my earnings to the parent company.

Backyard Business

I hadn’t planned to start a Reliv business; it just grew as I talked to more people. The same month I sold my franchise, I received a Reliv check for almost $8,000. I loved that I didn’t have to worry about inventory, accounting and all the headaches associated with owning my studio — Reliv took care of it. My Reliv Revolution gave me control of my life.
One day I shared Reliv with my backyard neighbor. She has since built a thriving organization in Europe. That’s right — with Reliv you can literally build an international business from your backdoor!