East and Far East


Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales Ryan Montgomery traveled around the country and around the world this past fall to tell the story. What he found was the Reliv story told back to him – through inspiring accounts of better health, changed lives and renewed hope.

Flying High
Business is booming in the Philippines, and it was easy to see why at their National Conference. Many new people are transforming their lives through Reliv, like new Ambassadors Susan and Jun Ba-ad.
Susan is a school teacher and Jun works as a hospital nutritionist. Jun takes home less than a dollar a day after paying off loans. They try to buy and sell anything and everything, from corn to peanut butter to bracelets, to make ends meet. They joined other MLM companies but never made any money.
In just nine months with Reliv they have equaled their combined salary over two years. Their trip to Manila for conference was the first time they ever flew in a plane. And now they are excited to build a new life together.

Taking Charge

On a trip to Pennsylvania, I had the pleasure to travel with new Ambassadors Terry and Sally Cover. They run a successful log export company and weren’t looking for another business. But when they and those around them started getting health results with Reliv, they had to share it.
Terry, Sally and their group are packing Reliv meetings full of new people. They’re also using the phone to connect new people to Reliv leaders across the country. Nothing fancy — just setting goals and using proven approaches to Reliv success to achieve them. It was refreshing to see such a positive, take-charge attitude. Congrats, Terry and Sally, and everyone in the PA organization, for setting the pace.

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