In the Heartland

Senior Vice President of North American Sales Steve Hastings traveled around the country this fall to tell the story. What he found was the Reliv story told back to him – through inspiring accounts of better health, changed lives and renewed hope.

Wichita: Business Professionals
When someone goes to a Reliv event in Wichita, they can’t help but see Reliv as a real business opportunity. Events are held in a new multipurpose business center complete with meeting rooms, business support equipment and staff. And the Reliv Wichita group runs very professional, yet fun meetings to match. Reliv success is all about treating your business like a business. Mark and Joan Suffield of Wichita understand that. They rented their own space in the facility, giving them an office for their business and a professional environment for sharing Reliv with new people. They gave me the tour and shared their excitement about all of the activity they have going on. Way to go, Mark and Joan. Hope to see you in Banff!
Oklahoma City: The Family That Works Together
At a great event in Oklahoma City, I had the opportunity to present a Reliv iPad to the two beautiful daughters of Jeremiah and Hanna Pence. Mom and Dad may have earned the iPad, but the girls got to keep it. It turns out Hanna already uses the first one they earned, but the girls loved it so much they wanted their own. Hanna had the girls build a goal board and explained that Mom would be spending some more time on the phone and at meetings, but if they all worked together, they could earn an iPad as a family. The rest is history.

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