Daring to Dream

Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales Ryan Montgomery traveled around the country this fall to tell the story. What he found was the Reliv story told back to him – through inspiring accounts of better health, changed lives and renewed hope. Earl & Marcia Jantz

Oklahoma City, OK
It all started with a ride from the airport. Earl picked up Reliv Double Platinum Ambassador Henry Leissing, who was entering law school at age 62. Earl asked how and why he wanted to study law. Henry shared that something called Reliv had allowed him to start dreaming again. Henry explained that Reliv helped people improve their health and finances. We needed both. When we learned that the products and business were guaranteed, we jumped in at the highest profit level.
Light & Life
We’ve seen remarkable results on the products— Marcia with hormone levels and recovery from surgery and Earl with back issues, energy and allergies. We made $15,000 our first year working part-time; last year it grew to $65,000. Currently we are making $6,000 a month and earned a trip to Los Cabos! In the past year and a half we moved from an apartment to our own house and bought a second car.
Our Reliv Revolution lets us help other people while we pursue our own dreams.

We want to establish Light & Life Ranches, places for people who don’t have the opportunities the rest of us have. Reliv offers us an unlimited opportunity and people we are privileged to share it with.

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