A Reliv Love Story

Finding Love.

“Reliv has meant a rewarding career on my own terms. I never imagined it would also mean finding the love of my life,” Christian says. “As soon as I met Alexandra at a Reliv conference, I thought, ‘Wow! I want to get to know her better!’”
A Reliv Proposal.

“I was on a family vacation in Northern Ontario enjoying a sunset by the lake and heard a rustling behind me,” Alexandra explains. “When I turned around, he was standing there all dressed up. I was completely surprised!”
The Future.

“The best part about working with my wife is setting goals, dreaming and building together. We want to build up enough residual income that we can do missionary work in impoverished countries someday,” Christian says.
Baby Makes Three.

“I couldn’t be happier about what Reliv will mean for our first baby, due in January,” Alexandra says. “Working from home means I won’t have to report back to a boss or follow someone else’s schedule. And our children will grow up with the best nutrition possible!”

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