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The Sky is the Limit

evansSusan Evans
Manchester, UK

Three years ago, I was in a desperate place: a single mom of six, physically and financially sick. I lived in temporary housing and had stopped thinking anything good could ever happen to me. With Reliv I saw hope for the first time in many years. The window of opportunity had opened, and I knew the only way it was going to close is if I didn’t jump through it. I knew this was going to change my life.

Charting New Territory
I began my business in Luton, a small town outside London. After two successful years, my daughter (who joined me as a partner) and I took our business north. No one had heard of Reliv in Manchester, so we got cracking. We made phone calls, advertised and found a venue where we could hold our meetings. Things took off from there.

My Reliv Revolution has given me a sense of purpose.
I am proud to be a part of something bigger than I, something that changes people’s lives in such a positive way. Reliv brings people together and lifts them up. Instead of worthless, I feel valued. The limits I had put on my vision for the future are long gone. Now the sky’s the limit!

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