Ask Dr. Carl: LunaRich Q/A

Excited about the launch of Reliv’s latest nutrition breakthrough, LunaRich? We are too! We also know you probably have some questions about what this amazing new breakthrough means to your health.

We invite you to post your questions below, and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Carl Hastings will answer them for you!

UPDATE: 1/20/12, 1pm CST – We will reopen commenting on this blog post when Dr. Carl returns to the office on Monday for more answers! Thanks to everyone who participated in the Q&A today and have a great weekend! ~Annie @ Reliv HQ

UPDATE: 1/25/12 – Dr. Carl is vacationing in sunny Hawaii with the Reliv Presidential All-Stars who earned the trip this year. To be the first to find out which product will incorporate LunaRich, attend the 2012 Reliv National Conference! Register today! ~Annie @ Reliv HQ

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