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Meet Our Ambassadors: Bob and Nona Edmonds

BobNonaEdmondsBringing dreams to reality.

For Presidential Bronze Ambassadors Bob and Nona Edmonds from Woodstock, GA, Reliv has provided a new vision for the future.

“Reliv has sent us on many vacations all over the world — to places we only dreamed about! As we have built our business, we have made friends all around the globe from many different cultures,” Nona says. “Reliv is helping us bring our dreams into reality. Since we are now free of time pressure, financial pressure and the constraints of a conventional business, we can pursue our hearts’ desires.”

Purposeful, Productive and Rewarding

The couple has found that the rewards of owning a Reliv business run deeper than the obvious financial benefits and time freedom. Bob explains, “We’re helping to make a difference in so many people’s lives. What we do is purposeful, productive and very rewarding.”

In addition to improving the lives of others, the Edmonds say they have also grown as individuals. “One of the strengths of the Reliv business is that it is such a tremendous vehicle for personal growth and the development of leadership skills,” Bob says. “We are thankful for the Reliv opportunity, all the support we have been given and the chance to help others succeed in their own businesses.”

He adds, “With Reliv, the lifestyle changes are amazing! Life is fabulous and we are so grateful!”

*As seen in Lifestyle magazine.

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