It’s Go Time! Get started with VIP!

Reliv Distributors: Missed the webcast? To learn more, view the VIP training video online.

Through the 24K™ VIP Program, Distributors offer a 10% discount on 24K to attract new customers and reward customer loyalty. VIPs can then double their discount when they refer three new VIP customers. That means your customers have an incentive to find other customers for you. As your VIP base expands, you open a whole new market eager to learn about the Reliv opportunity.

Step 1: Attract New Customers
More than ever, people want a good deal and they want it to be easy. Special offers make people more willing to try something new. The VIP Program helps you capitalize on this trend — with the tools and incentives to turn special 24K discounts into bigger profits.

Step 2: Reward Customer Loyalty
Reliv Distributors who take advantage of VIP offer their customers a 10% discount on 24K. 10% off makes nutrient-packed 24K an even bigger bargain when stacked against those unhealthy gas station energy shots.

Step 3: Reward Customer Referrals
The 24K VIP program offers a built-in incentive for customer referrals. When a VIP refers three VIP friends who order 24K, he achieves VIP Gold status and doubles his discount to 20%. With VIP, you can turn one customer into four customers — and multiply from there. The VIP Gold discount gives your customers a real incentive to tell more people about 24K. With VIP, you can add customers you’ve never met!

Step 4: Sponsor VIPs as New Distributors
VIP will bring in more customers. Look for opportunities to sponsor loyal VIPs and Gold VIPs as your newest Distributors. In fact, the VIP referral process offers a built-in incentive to start a Reliv business. If a VIP becomes a Distributor, he keeps his referrals as customers.

That means VIP customers can launch their own Reliv business with established volume already created. You can turn your VIP customer base into a thriving organization of Reliv Distributors!

Your VIP Code
The best way to invite people to become VIPs is to use your VIP Code. Your VIP Code is any combination of letters or numbers of your choosing. New people can use your code to sign up for the VIP program and automatically be assigned to you as their Distributor. New customers can even use their smartphone to sign up instantly at It’s never been easier for new people to order.

To Get started…

1. Go here.

2. Create your personal VIP Code

3. Share your code and any way you can — online, on flyers and business cards, or in person.

You might start by inviting former, current and prospective customers to join the program. VIP is the perfect reason to approach and reapproach everyone on your list about 24K. Then think big and share your code everywhere.

The VIP Code gives you many new ways to promote 24K:

      • business cards
      • brochures (new VIP brochure now available)
      • flyers
      • signs
      • emails
      • website
      • events
      • social networks

When you post your code on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites, it becomes instantly shareable. So your offer for 10% off the 2011 People’s Choice Product of the Year can go viral! Any new person who sees your code can order 24K instantly online, and you’re credited with every sale.


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