VIP is Here!

It’s Go Time!

“VIP is a program designed for massive growth at unprecedented speed. This is going to be huge! Grab hold of VIP now because it’s primed for take-off. It’s go time!” says Vice President of Distributor Success Don Gibbons.

On December 3, Reliv introduced the 24K™ VIP Program — a revolutionary new way for Distributors to gain momentum in their businesses. 24K has made it easier to share Reliv, and the 24K VIP Program makes it easier to share 24K. The key for Distributors is to make 24K more visible and to get more people talking about it. Through VIP incentives, your customers find more customers for you! And your rapidly expanding customer base becomes a whole new market eager to learn about the Reliv opportunity.

“It’s simple. More customers mean bigger volume. Bigger volume means more overrides,” says Four-Time Platinum Ambassador and Hall of Famer Tom Pinnock. “I’m going to add new VIPs, Distributors and MAs as fast as possible — before someone else does!”

As an MA, you benefit from every form of income as this self-replicating program explodes the depth and width of your organization. What you do every day as a Distributor doesn’t change. VIP simply speeds up what you’re already doing, creating velocity in two ways:

1. Discounts and referral incentives
2. Tools from Reliv such as VIP Codes, mobile-ready pages and accelerated sign-up

“Picture this: Someone sees you drinking 24K™ and has interest. You hand him a sample double-shot and he asks how he can get some. You give him your VIP Code and he signs up online. Or use your mobile phone to sign him up on the spot!” says Don. Everybody will want to be a VIP.

Tom says, “I’m giving my 24K VIP code to everyone I possibly can! I’m giving it to my kids. I’m telling them to create their own codes. I’m going viral with this!”

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