Your Mission: Build Volume

Presidential Silver Ambassadors Betty and David Blazic have earned 59 Dr. Kalogris plaques in a decade — the all-time Reliv Distributor record. Building volume is the key to keeping their checks in a predictable range. “For the first few years, our checks fluctuated dramatically from month to month. It was surprising each time it dropped,” Betty explains. “But as you build your business wider, your check becomes more stable.”

A Full Pipeline
Key Directors Crismon and Vivienne Lewis have grown a strong customer base. Patience is key as they work to build their business and retain consistent monthly volume. “As our customers start to see results, they start asking how to get the products for a discount. Eventually, some want to become MAs. We are patient. After all, we were Reliv customers for 15 years before we decided to start our own business.”

According to Betty, keeping your pipeline full can mean something different to every Distributor. “Consider all forms of advertising — no one form is better than another. Radio, newspaper, car decals, ‘lunch ‘n learns,’ opportune moments — they’re all great. Anything you can do to get in front of new people is important.”

Fundamental Follow-Up
Even after 10 years, the Blazics are still adding to their pipeline. “I work to find new people to share Reliv with. Individual followup lets my customers know I care about them,” Betty says.

“The products do 80 percent of the work for us,” say Double Platinum Ambassadors Leonel and Olga Mendoza. “But follow-up is crucial. We follow up with customers to make sure they are satisfied with the products they are taking and ask if they are interested in trying others.”

Building Volume in Your Organization
The Mendozas work closely with their organization to help them set and meet volume goals. “We also make sure everyone in our downline has their minds set to earn the promotions. When they reach their business goals, it helps my volume grow significantly,” Leonel says.

Betty emphasizes taking advantage of the tremendous support within the field and at Reliv headquarters. “I support my downline any way I can. They know I’m here for them because I’m very responsive to calls and emails,” she explains. “But they don’t need me to be their supervisor. The most important thing I do to motivate my downline is lead by example.”

Betty’s Keys to Success:

Share Stories. “If your customers don’t hear success stories from others who have had results, they won’t stay consistent with their products. Keep following up with them to make sure they’re consistent, and they will begin to see their own health results in time.”

Get Wound Up. “So much of this business is about your energy — the joy in your voice. People will get on a train not knowing where it’s going as long as it is exciting!”

Aim Higher. “Our goal is to earn a Dr. Ted plaque every single month. And when you have an opportunity to earn a vacation — are you kidding? Of course we’re going to shoot for that every time!”

Work Harder. “Too many people put in a few hours each day and then get discouraged when their check is too small. The bottom line is you need to take your business incredibly seriously, because it is going to pay you incredibly seriously.”

~as seen in the November issue of Master Affiliate

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