Guest Post: The Trip of Your Dreams

~by Ambassador Sherri Selman

The Disney Cruise Promotion is back! I’ve been on cruises before, but Disney is at the top of the list for me. Disney does everything with excellence and elegance. It’s truly a trip for all ages, whether you have children or not. We enjoyed luxurious accommodations, phenomenal food and beautiful beaches — not to mention it brought out the inner child in all of us!

I don’t do the Reliv business just for the trips, but they certainly motivate me. Wood and matches can start a fire, but it burns much faster when you add lighter fluid! Successful Distributors use Reliv promotions like the Disney cruise to fuel the fires of their businesses.

It can be tempting to let your business take a backseat to the holidays. But Reliv isn’t the type of business you have to just sit down and do — just keep it on the tip of your tongue. Take advantage of any opportune moments you have while you’re out shopping, attending holiday events or visiting family. January is a great time to follow up with the people you connect with now because many people are ready to make a change in the new year. Plus, the work you put in during November and December will impact who is with you at National Conference in Reno, and we all know what conference can do for your business. My main advice is to use your upline for support. I work with my organization to help them take advantage of every promotion. In setting specific goals such as a certain number of appointments each month, they start to pick up momentum along the way. Visualize yourself on every Reliv trip by hanging copies of the flyer all over the house. For the past Disney cruise, I had a picture of a boat that I filled up incrementally as I built my volume.

What motivates me is that I love making a difference in the world. And Reliv rewards me for it — icing on the cake! I worked very hard in corporate America for years and was never rewarded this way. If you are willing to work hard using the Reliv Success System daily, you will reap the rewards.

Don’t Miss the Boat!
Disney Dream – 3 Night Bahamian Cruise – April 19 – 22, 2012
Click here for full details.

Finish 2011 stronger, and make your dreams come true!

~as seen in the November 2011 issue of  Master Affiliate

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