Reliv Halloween Contest Results

We asked you to submit your Halloween photos for our Reliv Halloween Contest. You all exceeded our expectations! Wow! We put all the photos into a drawing and the winners (at random) are…

Child Winner: Alex Adams from Colorado as “Handy Manny”

Adult Winner: Emily MacMillan from North Carolina as “Cowgirl”

Your response was overwhelming! We had dozens of photos submitted from all over the country. Here are a few of our other favorites…

Best Family Shot: Pumpkin, Spongebob, Curious George

Best Time to Drink a Reliv Shake (Before Trick-or-Treating): Abby from TV’s “NCIS”

Most Cuddly: Lorenzo the “Bumblebee”


Best Goatee: A Tie! Flynn Rider from “Tangled” and A Pirate Captain


Best Reliv Product Placement: A Tie! “24K Brings The Dead Back to Life!” and “The 24K Phantom”

Prettiest Dress: Bride Ellery

Scariest Clown: Jeff Sugrue, with wife, Jodi

Best Matching Pair: The Paredes Pumpkins

Most Random Assortment: Dracula, Court Jester, Ninja, Spiderman, Cow

Best Poses: Iron Man and a Witch

Best Video Game Reference: “Bowser” from Super Mario Bros.

And check out these amazing pumpkin carving talents:


But none of the pumpkins were as impressive as the ones grown by the Hilger family. Tanner Hilger says, “We have not yet carved these pumpkins but have fun seeing peoples reactions as we haul them around town on a trailer.  The most popular question has been, ‘Are they real?'”

Which costume was your favorite? Share your comments below!

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