Take it to the Next Level in 2011

The final three months of 2011 hold a big opportunity to advance along the Road to Presidential Director. But to take advantage, you need to take action NOW — in October. A big promotional announcement is coming next month, and everyone in your downline will want to be an MA on November 1 to be part of it. Use this as your opportunity to advance a level — or two!

Your Key to Advancement
When you help someone in your group qualify as a Master Affiliate, your volume is 5,000. If you can work with people in four centers of influence and one person in each achieves MA, you’ll hit 20,000 in volume. That’s Key Director!

November and December
20/20 Vision
Those with MAs in their downlines have a huge opportunity. During November and December, your MAs will be participating in an exciting year-end promotion, creating more volume — and leading to more advancements. Everybody wins!

Every month you can use the next Director level as your goal and help your Master Affiliates do the same. Building an organization of MAs moves everyone forward on the Road to Presidential Director!
— Senior Vice President of Distributor Success Don Gibbons

~as seen in Master Affiliate newsletter

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