Special Message from Steve Hastings

When most of us hear “20/20 vision,” we think of the many testimonials of those who have enjoyed improved eyesight through the power of the Reliv products. But 20/20 vision can be a catalyst in unleashing the power
of the Reliv compensation plan!

The fact is, a Senior Director income can be life-changing for most families. Continually seeing people reach the Senior Director level within your organization is a solid goal for making sure you’re building toward a higher level of Reliv success. Whether you’re a Master Affiliate starting down the road to Presidential, or you’re already somewhere along that road but looking to speed up the journey — understanding how to put 20/20 vision into your action plans can make it happen. Help your Masters reach Key. Help your Keys reach Senior. Once this starts to duplicate, people will be blowing right past Senior Director and your business will grow exponentially!

So who is going to become a Key Director in the next month? Is it you? Have you identified, discussed and helped stretch the thinking of those in your organization ready to make it happen? I’m asking you to stretch your thinking right now. I’m going to invite all the new Key Directors since our last International Conference to join me onstage in Reno — exciting recognition for those taking action to reach their dreams. How many can you personally help take that stage? Don’t commit to me; commit to yourself! Together, let’s imagine a stage without a single spot left!

My 20/20 vision is seeing big things for those of you who want to GO!

Steve Hastings
Senior Vice President, North American Sales

~as seen in Master Affiliate newsletter

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