Guest Post: Put the Reliv Comp Plan to Work for You

by Presidential Platinum Ambassadors Jim and Sandy Schaben

When we first discovered Reliv, we knew it was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up for two main reasons:

1. Amazing products

2. An incredible compensation plan

Stop Being Underpaid
We recognized immediately that Reliv is a business driven by moving as much product as possible to satisfied customers and Distributors. And to get the most from moving product, we needed to position ourselves as quickly as possible to start earning all five forms of income. Five income streams are better than one, right? It’s just common sense.

As MAs, we automatically started earning retail, wholesale and bonuses. But why stop there? By sponsoring new MAs, we started earning overrides. We added 10 MAs in two months and were making an additional 3% in overrides at every level through the Star Director program. After four months we became Ambassadors and added our fifth stream of income.

Fast Action Brings Fast Growth
You might look at how quickly we reached Ambassador and point out that it doesn’t happen that quickly for everyone. Maybe so — but it can! When you approach your business with a sense of urgency and a real commitment to make things happen TODAY, your spark becomes contagious.

Fast growth begins with immediate action with your new people. Once you’ve sponsored someone, you need to get that person taking as much action as possible in the next 72 hours. Do not allow their initial excitement to fade. If they can create income in 72 hours — no matter how small — they get a taste of success and see that the opportunity is real.

From there it’s a matter of sharing and connecting new people to stories — as many stories as it takes. Real people getting real results and achieving real success is the only way we’ve found to truly motivate people to act. Make it happen however you can. In person is always the best, but use every ounce of communication technology available if you have to.

Reliv’s Best and Biggest Promotion
Get people started in Reliv at whatever level makes sense for them — that’s how you maximize all five avenues of income. And never, never, never quit sponsoring new people! Keep your pipeline full from customers on up to MA leaders. Then use the comp plan to motivate them to achieve the next level. Break down what it will take them to get there. What does that Quick Start need to do to get to MA? What does that new MA need to do to get to Key Director? How can that Key Director make Ambassador?

The Reliv comp plan is a natural goal system that offers big rewards every step of the way. You might say it’s Reliv’s best and biggest promotion. Every month you should look at the activity in your organization and look for opportunities for people to advance.

3 Steps to Success

For the Schabens, working your Reliv business effectively comes down to
three basic steps:

Expose. Get Reliv in front of people any way you can. Use the Reliv Success System, use technology, use your centers of influence, use everything at your disposal.

Sponsor. New people are the lifeblood of your organization. Bringing in new people at every level is the only way to keep your pipeline full and to benefit from all five forms of income.

Lead by Example. People in your organization are probably not going to take these first two steps unless they see you taking them yourself. Effective leaders lead through action.

~as seen in Master Affiliate newsletter

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