Hope For Haiti

The Reliv Kalogris Foundation responded to Haiti’s 2010 earthquake quickly — sending nutritional products and other supplies in the weeks that followed. But Distributors wanted to make an even more lasting impact, so the RKF began a special appeal to help the most vulnerable Haitians affected. Before the earthquake, thousands of orphans already lived in poverty in Port-Au-Prince. The quake left many more children parentless, homeless and hopeless.

Thanks to the RKF, 60 children orphaned by the earthquake have a new home. In response to a special appeal by the RKF, Distributors provided funds to build the children’s home in the Petite-Anse neighborhood near Cap Haitien in northern Haiti.

The children’s home has dormitory-style living space, a fully furnished kitchen and dining halls that multitask as study rooms and recreation areas. The goals of the orphanage are to provide children a homelike atmosphere, an education and daily Reliv nutritional support.

The RKF partnered with the Cathedral of Cap Haitien and a social welfare committee called “Nous et les Autres” (meaning “We and the Others”). The group has cared for indigent and impoverished children in the Cap Haitien area for 34 years. Prior to the earthquake, the group served 20 children who are also moving into the new building.

In addition to the children’s home, the Reliv Kalogris Foundation currently feeds more than 10,000 children in 45 schools, orphanages and clinics throughout Haiti. “The extraordinary generosity of Reliv Distributors and employees makes it possible for the foundation to continue helping malnourished individuals in Haiti and 270 other feeding programs worldwide,” said Reliv Kalogris Foundation Chairman R. Scott Montgomery. “Together we can Nourish Our World.”

2011 Rally for the Mission

Nineteen teams of Reliv Distributors performed dances, songs and skits to entertain a crowd of over 1,500 in support of the Reliv Kalogris Foundation. More than $30,000 was raised to support programs that feed 42,000+ people every day in impoverished regions throughout the world.

While the real winners are the children receiving daily nutrition thanks to the generosity of Reliv Distributors, the top three teams at the Rally were also recognized with awards.

  1st Place:
Double Back to the Future, Baby with Reliv Mid-Missouri


2nd Place:
Outta this World Team Michigan


3rd Place:
The Chicago Reliv Shakers


The Rally also featured an appearance by the Shakin’ Ladies of Reliv HQ. Watch the video here.

Thank You, Reliv!

A Special Message from Dr. Manno

What the Reliv Kalogris Foundation is doing in Haiti is nothing short of a miracle.

Nearly every person in Haiti would benefit from taking Reliv products. Currently, we are able to feed about 10,000 people in Haiti every month — most of them children. We locate the neighborhoods where children are at greatest risk from malnutrition.

It is truly incredible what a product like Reliv Now® for Kids can do for children in Haiti. Improved nutrition helps fortify immune systems so that medications can be more effective, helps strengthen pregnant women so babies have healthier birth weights and brings children back from malnutrition.

When the earthquake happened, I wanted to help in some significant way. Evidently, Reliv did too. The generous giving immediately after Distributors heard of our tragedy was overwhelming. The devastation and the need were so great. We searched for months to discover the best way to make a lasting impact with what the Reliv Kalogris Foundation gave. We focused our efforts on Haiti’s most vulnerable: the children orphaned by the earthquake.

At the dedication of the children’s home on June 30, I told the people gathered there, “The Kalogris Foundation is a group of generous people who sacrifice part of their profit to serve others less fortunate and to help them have access to a better life.”

On behalf of the Foundation’s beneficiaries in Haiti, I want to extend their gratitude to all Independent Reliv Distributors.

Area Coordinator Dr. Emmanuel Mareus (aka “Dr. Manno”) oversees the RKF feeding programs in Haiti. Dr. Manno shared what the RKF is doing in Haiti at the 2011 Reliv International Conference in August.

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