6 Ways to Use an iPad for Your Home-Based Business

As home-based business owners, we rely on technology that is easy to use and provides value for our business. The iPad 2 helps us stay on the cutting-edge and makes it easy to take our business on the go!

Business Presentations. We use our iPad for business presentations anywhere — even if there is no Wi-Fi available. The high-res screen is perfect for videos or slideshows.

Less Clutter. Because the iPad is so portable, you can carry one book-sized item instead of a bulky laptop, heavy files, CDs and marketing materials.

Staying Connected. We place business orders on the iPad right when we are meeting with a customer. It is a timesaver and reduces the risk of a piece of paper getting misplaced. Even if we’re on the go, we can stay connected to our business. We always know where our business stands, even if we’re not at home on our computer.

Keeping House. It may seem funny, but the iPad has been incredible for me when it comes to my kids’ household chores. As a business-owner, I often find myself working my business instead of cleaning my house.  Since my kids always want to play on the iPad, I have downloaded special games for them. They trade 30 min of cleaning for 30 minutes of playtime on the iPad. It’s been monumental in keeping my sanity!

Make it APPen. I use an app to keep track of my entire family’s schedule, manage my to-do and grocery lists, and keep a journal all in one place. It even sends me an email with my weekly agenda. Not to mention it syncs with Outlook and my smartphone.

Now We’re Cooking. My iPad helps me transition seamlessly from businesswoman to domestic goddess. When it’s time to cook dinner, I just lay a piece of clear plastic wrap over my iPad and I can download and follow recipes without worrying about spilling food on it.

This blog post was written by Independent Reliv Distributor Lori Doerneman, who earned her own Reliv iPad 2 in a recent promotion for Reliv business owners. Learn more about the Reliv home-based business opportunity.

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