My Reliv Revolution: This Is My Shot

Matt Salvatore of Ida Grove, IA

I learned about Reliv this past January. After hearing the success stories, studying the business plan  and seeing the potential, I jumped in at the highest profit level without even trying the products.  Sometimes you just know. I started on the products too, of course. Reliv nutrition gave me added energy and more productive hours in the day. With ProVantage® I was able to recover more quickly from workouts and avoid cramping. I just felt better.

In It to Win It

I love owning my own business. In April I earned $1,800 and a Reliv iPad! So far, I’ve mostly reinvested my profits into my business. I’m in this for the long haul. When I think about residual income and multiplying my efforts through my own network of Distributors, I know this is my opportunity to get out of the corporate world and live the life I’ve always wanted.

My Reliv Revolution has given me a new outlook on the future. My wife and I are ready to start a family, and I want to be there for my kids every step of the way. We want to see the world, do what we want when we want and help others do the same.

*As seen in Lifestyle magazine

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