Paving the Way to the Future

by Ryan Schmidt, President of Soy Labs LLC and Executive Director of the Missouri Plant Science Center
Soy Labs was seeking a company with a sterling reputation in the nutrition industry to become the inaugural partner for the Missouri Plant Science Center. Reliv’s strong commitment to the research and development of new ingredients, rigorous testing methods and proven products made them the ideal choice. This partnership offers us a ready-made market for new ingredients we develop with Reliv and opens a new sales channel for our existing ingredients. This is a first step toward the MPSC’s goal to strengthen the state’s biotechnology industry, create jobs and improve Missouri’s global economic competitiveness.

Why Reliv?

● Reputation for quality and innovation
● Soy-based formulas an ideal match for work now taking place at MPSC
● Successful track record bringing nutritional solutions to market
● Dr. Carl Hastings, a legend in the industry and a trusted associate of mine for many years

The possibilities for the future of this partnership are limitless. We will work immediately with Reliv to look for ways to incorporate Soy Labs’ patented ingredients into existing Reliv products, followed by the creation of new products inspired by research conducted at the MPSC. In the not too distant future, we see Reliv expanding their manufacturing capabilities by building an ingredient production plant in the Business and Technology Park adjacent to the MPSC and working directly with Missouri farmers in fields dedicated solely to Reliv products.

*As seen in Lifestyle magazine.

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