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My Reliv Revolution: Mom’s Back

by Kecia Holder of Enid, OK

When I first heard about Reliv, I found out it was a network marketing company and wasn’t interested. But four years ago, my husband was laid off and we lost his benefits. I started our family on the products to help keep our medical bills down. I have severe allergies — the kind that would often keep me confined to the house. With Reliv, my allergies improved — as well as sleep issues, a foot injury I had lived with for years and so much more. I had a new sense of well-being. And with motivation from Team Reliv, I’m now training for my first 5K!

Double Dreaming

I come from a successful business family and have earned my MBA. I had put my dream of running my own business aside to raise our two daughters. But once I started seeing my health results with Reliv, I knew it was my chance to live both dreams!

I’ve finished eighth in the nation twice, earned a steady income and achieved the rank of Senior Director — and that’s just the start. My Reliv Revolution was life-changing. I feel better than ever and have a new sense of purpose in helping others through Reliv. Most importantly in our house, Mom’s back!

*As seen in Lifestyle magazine.

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