My Reliv Revolution: Life On Our Own Terms

by Mark and Beth Matthews of Westfield, IN

We had tried other nutritional supplements and a couple of other home-based businesses, but nothing came close to what we found in Reliv. With 12 children, we are acutely aware of the importance of good health. Reliv helped Beth recover from her final pregnancy that left her weak physically and unfocused mentally. She also lost 40 pounds with Slimplicity®! Reliv nutrition helped Mark address a back problem that had already led to one surgery with more anticipated. The kids have also experienced amazing results.

A Family Business

After three months on the products, we launched our Reliv business. We finished eighth in the nation our first month and first the following month. In our first full year in the business, we made as much as it took Mark 17 years and a Master’s degree to earn as a teacher.

Our Reliv Revolution brought us hope. Before we started our business four years ago, it was a constant month-to-month struggle to make ends meet. Now we can pursue our missionary work as we please and help countless others just by sharing Reliv. We can also travel across the country anytime we want to visit our five grown children. After seeing the Reliv lifestyle firsthand, two of them have become Distributors themselves!

*As seen in Lifestyle magazine.

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