My Reliv Revolution: Building Our Own Future

by Paul and Stephanie Collins of Atkinson, NH

We started on Reliv products 18 years ago and the whole family started feeling better right away. It really hit home when we took our three kids in for their annual check-up and the pediatrician noted that she hadn’t seen them all year. But it wasn’t until five years ago that we really got serious about the business. For years Paul had been working 50-60 hours a week plus travel and making good money for a telecommunications company. Then like so many people these days, he was laid off.

Unparalleled Opportunity

We decided to jump into Reliv full-time and make it the family business. We knew if we worked hard enough, we could achieve whatever we wanted, see the world and watch our kids grow up together. Just a year and a half later, we became Reliv Ambassadors and were well on our way to replacing Paul’s former income.

This has been our best year yet for sponsoring new Distributors. The Reliv Revolution is occurring at the perfect time for an evolving economy. First there was corporate work, but now there are no jobs. Then it was franchising, but that became too expensive and risky. The future is in distribution, and no one has products and an opportunity to share quite like Reliv.

*As seen in Lifestyle magazine.

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