Reliv Snack Recipe: Healthy Energy Bars

1 cup cooked lentils, drained and patted dry (don’t cook them mushy!)
1 cup smooth or coarse peanut butter
3/4 cup creamy honey
1 1/2 cups oats
1/3 cup chopped almonds
2 tbsp mini chocolate chips
2 tbsp cocoa powder
2 scoops Reliv Classic® or Reliv Now®
In a bowl mix nuts, chocolate chips and cocoa powder and Reliv Classic or Now. In a sauce pan melt peanut butter and honey over low heat. Bring to a boil. Take off the heat and fold in lentils and oats. When cooled down fold in the Reliv Classic or Now mixture. Press into a lightly greased pan and chill for minimum 3 hours. Cut into bars. Big batches can be frozen for later use.
Submitted by: Beatrix Kohlhaas of Cold Lake, AB, Canada