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My Story: Stephanie Mazankowski

Building Relationships Nationwide

Name: Stephanie Mazankowski

Hometown: Giltner, NE

Gig: Reliv, former occupational therapist

Career Goals: “As an occupational therapist, I could help specific symptoms but I couldn’t improve health and wellness as a whole. I wanted to really change lives!”

Helping Others: “My passion is helping people make healthy lifestyle choices. It’s rewarding to see people’s energy and vitality increase as they become healthier with Reliv.”

Reliv Relationships: “By sharing Reliv, I talk to so many people, and I’ve developed such strong friendships. I’m building relationships all over country!”

My Reliv Lifestyle: “I build my Reliv business around my life. I have time to enjoy hobbies like photography, snow skiing and ATV-ing with my nieces and nephews. I don’t have to ask a boss for time off. I coach my niece’s volleyball team – something I would never would have time to do with a nine to five job!”

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