My Story: Linda Kraudel

Taking a Leap of Faith Name: Linda Kraudel

Hometown: Troy, IL

Gig: Reliv

Career Leap: “When my employer of 22 years started talking about reorganization, I wanted a change. After a year and a half of working Reliv part-time, I took a leap of faith and quit my corporate job. Since then, I’ve been able to replace my previous income — and I’m making a visible difference in others’ lives.”

Family First: “My time freedom with Reliv means I’ve never missed my kids’ sports games. And I love that I can leave this willable residual income to my children someday.”

Financial Freedom: “Unlike my previous job, Reliv rewards me for working harder. I’ve earned bonuses and even a Cancun vacation!”

An Alternative: “We see so much ‘doom and gloom’ in economic news these days. But Reliv is totally different from other companies out there — like a breath of fresh air!”