My Story: Joyce and Steve Holthaus

Finding a Way Out of Bankruptcy Name: Joyce and Steve Holthaus

Hometown: Mundelein, IL

Gigs: Reliv

Rough Times: “After a failed business, we were nearly bankrupt. I was scared, tired and angry. I felt like a failure,” Steve says.

A Way Out: “I had never seen anyone succeed in network marketing, but we trusted the friend who introduced us to Reliv,” Steve says. “We began earning an income, paying our debt and never declared bankruptcy. We started living without the constant threat of bills hanging over our heads,” Joyce adds.

Family Freedom: “The time freedom of Reliv meant more time with our children — and now with our grandchildren!” Joyce says.

Choices: “Some people are caught in a rut thinking they have to work for someone else. You have choices,” Steve says. “With Reliv, you can build an unbelievable lifestyle by helping others. Beyond financial freedom, this business gives you a sense of purpose.”

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