My Story: David and Louise Weber

Making Amazing Friends Name: David and Louise Weber

Hometown: Glenwood, Iowa

Gigs: David – dental field, Louise –Reliv

Activities: fishing, camping, horseback riding, mountain biking

Reliv Mission: “Without Reliv, we wouldn’t have been able to do the missionary work we do. With our financial freedom, we are also able to sponsor a child in Nepal,” David says.

Making a difference: “In the dental field, I might see a patient once a year. But with Reliv, I’m able to watch lives transform,” David says. “This is a relationship-building business. I make amazing friends,” Louise adds.

Reliv Lifestyle: “After growing our business over the last 11 years, we’re able to take vacations and spend more time with our family and friends while earning a residual income,” Louise says. “We recently bought a new camper. It was a dream come true for us!” David adds.

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