Sponsoring Made Simple

Sponsoring is key to Reliv business growth. And according to Vice President of Distributor Success Don Gibbons, the key to sponsoring is keeping things simple.

“Anyone who uses Reliv products can experience optimal health. When you approach your list this way, you’ll add everyone you know — yes everyone — to your list,” says Don.

Your List
Consider all of your centers of influence — major areas in your life like family, friends, work, church, school, clubs, etc. Have you really added everyone to your list?

“My husband and I intentionally add a new center of influence at least every three months,” Ambassador Kimberly Burns explains. “I tell people to get involved in the community doing what you love. It’s a great way to meet new people and add to your list. Once you get to know them, you can start to paint the picture of Reliv.” Kimberly stays in touch with new people and exposes them to Reliv whenever she can.

“Be very intentional about exposing people to Reliv. Don’t wait for momentum to happen — create it!” Kimberly says. “For example, my husband and I had 30 people attend a recent cookout, and many business decisions were made from that exposure to Reliv.”

Silver Ambassador Nick Priest says your list is your biggest asset. “Never say never!” Nick says. “I talk to people from my list who said ‘no’ months or years ago and often I find one whose interest has changed.”

Opportune Moments
Opportunities to share Reliv happen every time you leave the house. Just wearing Reliv clothing might get strangers asking you, “What is Reliv?” Being the brand is that simple!

Presidential Ambassador Karen Turner doesn’t rely solely on these “opportune moments” to build her business, but when they do occur, she is ready to make the most of them. Karen tracks these opportune moments by writing down the names of new contacts, details of the interaction and when it happened. “I revisit my ‘Who What When’ document regularly to conduct follow-up with people on my list,” Karen explains. “In addition, I build my list by constantly asking people on it ‘Who do you know?’ in order to continually add to it.”’

The “No” Factor
Business builders know negative responses can actually be positive for business. “Hearing ‘no’ is great! It means you’re talking to more people about Reliv and moving forward,” says Don. “A ‘no’ today could become a ‘yes’ tomorrow!”

“When you’re feeling down about a ‘no’ response, remember that the very next person you share with could say yes,” says Kimberly. “If someone says no, I know it isn’t because of me or a re- flection on me. When I first started sharing Reliv, I was so excited about what Reliv could do for others that I didn’t get discouraged if they said no. I still maintain that attitude.”

Double Platinum Ambassadors Raul and Aurora Paredes are the latest Distributors to be inducted into the Reliv Hall of Fame. The Paredes say even after being in business for 18 years, they still hear ‘no’ from many people they approach.

“My own sister said, ‘no,’” reveals Aurora. “At first, I felt upset about it. But after a while, you learn not to dwell on it. You simply move on to the next person.” In fact, the Paredes’ success plan assumes hearing “no” from at least 30 people every month. Raul adds, “Is it worth having to hear ‘no’ every day? It is worth it! I’m not going to get discouraged because in the meantime, I can get 10 people to join me.”

Just Do It
As Chairman, President and CEO Robert Montgomery said during his keynote address at 2011 Reliv International Conference, being successful in the Reliv business is all about just doing it. “People ask me all the time, ‘Bob, how can I do this business?’ I say just do it. ‘How should I introduce people to this business?’ Just do it! ‘How can I recruit?’ Just do it!”

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