Sponsoring – Do the Math!

Although recently inducted into Reliv’s Hall of Fame, Presidential Double Platinum Ambassadors Raul and Aurora Paredes continue to build their business and sponsor new Distributors each month. Here they share their plan for sponsoring success.

Talking to 40 people every month is not as difficult as you might think. What if you talk to two people per day, one person in the morning and one in the afternoon? If you do this for 20 days out of the month, Monday through Friday, you will have talked to 40 people in a month.

Using the law of numbers and averages, even if you talk to 40 new people, you will probably only end up making a presentation to 20 in a month. But getting them to the presentation is key. At the presentation stage, assume half say no. So that leaves us with 10 people who say yes. Out of those 10, you might get seven who want to become customers to try the products first. You might get two who want to come in at a smaller scale as Quick Starts. And you might get one who sees the bigger picture of Reliv and joins as a Master Affiliate.

If you can simply sponsor one MA, two Quick Starts and seven customers each month, you will be well on your way to reaching Ambassador in a year.

Do the Math:

Work 15
5 days a week x 2 people per day = 40 people a month

Talk to 40
20 say no right away
10 say no after the presentation
10 say yes to Reliv

Add 10
7 customers
2 Quick Starts
1 Master Affiliate

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