My Reliv Summer Vacation

Remember, back in elementary school, when you presented your “What I Did on My Summer Vacation” report to the class? Well, we won’t make you dust off that old slide projector, but we did ask Independent Reliv Distributors and customers to send us photos of their summer vacation. Here are some of the photos submitted:

“We took a little hike in the Rockies on our way back to Idaho from International Conference in St. Louis. Provo Utah ‘Y’ We made it!” ~Lou Slagle

“Our family loves the water, beaches, fun and Shamu! Every day we all drank our Reliv shakes. Carlos and I enjoyed shots of 24K to keep up with our five-year-old and after a long day, a cool smoothie of wonderful fruits. All you need to bring is a small bullet blender to your hotel room and they provide the ice.” ~Corinne and Carlos Bustillos

“Just finished the 4-day 100-Mile March in Nijmegen, NL! Thank you Reliv!” ~Susan Varnes-Newland

Randee Murphy, Cheri Deering and I were enjoyed an appointment at the marina with Saniye Greve.  We love our awesome Reliv ‘office.’” ~ Deb Riolo

Steve had a nice pick-me-up from the long drive to St. Louis for Reliv International Conference! 24K— any place, any time!” ~Joyce Holthaus

“This was taken atop Mt. Chiquita in Rocky Mountain National Park. We have been hiking in RMNP since my son Bob was 6 weeks old (he is now 25). This day we hiked up to Mt. Chapin at 12,454 ft. then down and over then up to Mt. Chiquita at 13,006 ft. I am thankful that I can do this at 60 years old. We did a double-shot of 24K at the trailhead before the hike. The total elevation gain is over 3000 ft in 2.5 miles but the 24K made it easier. It is still an experience gasping for O2 at the altitude. It was definitely the highest most strenuous hike I have ever done.” ~Doug Thalman

Josh Thies works in Reliv’s manufacturing facility. Josh recently graduated from the police academy. He says, “Fitness has always been a priority for me, but never more so than during my training to become a police officer. I relied on ProVantage to keep me feeling great during all of my workouts. Now that I’ve graduated from the police academy, I look forward to serving my fellow citizens — and Reliv will be with me along the way!”

“For our 24th wedding anniversary we were able to purchase a ‘home on wheels’ and we’re traveling more thanks to our Reliv business! The best part is we’re able to spend more time together as a couple and help others do the same!” ~David and Louise Weber

Karen Turner‘s daughters Lindsey and Carlee had to stop for a picture in front of the 24K Camaro during their tour of Reliv Headquarters. Jumping for healthy energy shot 24K!

“One of our favorite summer activities is ATVing in the rolling hills of central Nebraska!” ~Stephanie Mazankowski

 It looks like everyone had a great summer with Reliv! The season officially changes on September 23. What are your plans this fall?

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