Don’s High Energy Trip to Chicago MATS

This blog post was submitted by Vice President of Distributor Success Don Gibbons.

Monday morning. I’m just back from Chicago, where we met with people Friday night and Saturday… and I am jacked-up!

Friday night we had a great time telling the Reliv story. People old and new heard about what’s happening with Reliv right now — just like conference only on a smaller scale. For me, hearing about what is happening for people with these amazing products… it just reminds me all over again just how important our work is.

Saturday… it’s hard to describe just how much Saturday meant to me personally. I had a chance to do the MAT School with Pam Thielen, who is a very successful mom, wife, and Distributor from Nebraska. (Oh, and she is a Presidential Silver Ambassador too!)  We recognized advancements and heard from people at every level. Hearing what it means for people to see a whole new financial future with Reliv, hearing how they are paying for education, paying for their mortgage, digging out of debt – it drove home the fact that we are truly making a difference.

Towards the end of the training, we heard from people who volunteered to share their goals and their plan of action to achieve those goals. Sometimes you may have two or three people who will come up to do that. Sometimes you may have four or five. Let me tell you, in Chicago, they just kept coming! Every level of goal — helping three people reach Master Affiliate by December, helping two people top the Senior Director Level by Reno, two sisters going for the Ring (Presidential Director)… and every person sharing their specific action plan. In a word: POWERFUL!

People, I am with you! We’ve all got to pull out the stops and do the simple things we need to do to keep this message in front of new people. Every day. Every opportunity. Every single person needs to hear about Reliv. We are the messengers, and we all need to keep it coming.

The world needs a positive message — and the truth is, Reliv’s got it. I say it’s time to deliver.

Let’s Go!

Don Gibbons

PS: There is STILL TIME for you to send people to MATS. Do this:

  1. Visit your Distributor Portal >> Events >> MAT Schools to view the schedule.
  2. Ask yourself, “Who do I know?” in those areas
  3. Call them up and tell them the truth: “You’ve GOT TO take a look at this!”

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