My Story: Life as a Reliv Intern

Top Five Things I Learned As a Reliv Intern…

For the past three months, I’ve been working as a marketing intern at the Reliv International Headquarters. On my last day, I’m taking the time to reflect on all the lessons learned. Here’s my top-five:

5. The art of the shake. My first shake consisted of a scoop of Reliv Now® and ReversAge®. I’m 22 but, hey, why not start early? My daily shake has since evolved, but my Reliv internship reinforced the importance of nutritional supplements as part of my healthy lifestyle.

4. Be international. Reliv has put me in touch with the global community. I talked with people from all over the world. Through the course of my internship, I learned that while many things separate us across the globe, we can all unite around optimal nutrition made accessible to all.

3. Confidence is key. Many Distributors told me that as they developed confidence, their business gained momentum. What a great life lesson for everyone: be confident in your life work, and you will see positive results. I’ll carry that lesson with me throughout my career.

2. Give a helping hand. At Reliv, no one is too important to help anyone else. Uplines support their downlines. Distributors always come first at Corporate. The entire company raises money for the Kalogris Foundation. As an intern, I depended on the advice of others on the marketing department. People were always willing to answer my questions, and I’ve gained valuable experience in the field as a result. As I continue my career, I’ll make the same effort to help those around me.

1. Learn to listen. Reliv is a business of stories. I’ve talked with dozens of Distributors, and I’ve learned a valuable skill. I’ve learned to listen. Not hear, but truly listen. Everyone has a story worth telling and worth listening to. No one and nothing is boring if you only take the time and effort to be interested.