Being the Brand: 4 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand

by guest blogger Marcel Sim

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that branding is an essential tool to project a strong identity for any company.

Companies spend millions of dollars on corporate branding. Why is corporate branding so important that it attracts
businesses, big and small, to invest so much time and money on it? Effective corporate branding can boost the bottom line of your company significantly; it has the ability to equip a new product or service with instant credibility and value in the market.

More Than a Logo
Whenever we talk about branding, we almost always think of logos and slogans. See the curved wing on your running
shoes and you’ll recognize in an instant the famous Nike Swoosh. What comes to your mind next? Just Do It. But did you know that branding should also take place at a personal level? Beyond your company’s logo or slogan, you as a business owner should also be recognizable through personal branding.

Your Personal Brand
Personal branding is less about slogans and sounds, and more about your individual core values, qualities, personality and vision. In today’s business world, it’s important for business owners to learn to promote and market their personal brand. To gain an advantage over the competition, you need to stand out in a crowd. The fact of the matter is, your customers aren’t just buying a product or service. They are buying into your brand as an individual personality — you!

4 Steps to Help Develop Your Personal Brand:
1. Develop your own personal marketing plan. Include your personal mission statement: What are you here for? What do you hope to achieve in your lifetime? Identify your core values. Specify your shortterm and long-term goals, and plan your timeline to achieve your goals. Include detailed strategies and action steps, and don’t forget to review your personal marketing plan quarterly.
2. Build up your credibility. No matter where you are in your business or career, aim to be the
best you can be and to offer the best you can give. Make use of every opportunity to learn and hone your skills. Never stop learning! Become the expert to whom people in your professional field go for help and advice. Give a lecture, contribute advice and articles to a professional publication or blog, or go join a local community group or professional organization.

3. Develop and present your “elevator speech.” An elevator speech is a short, succinct description of what you do, how you do it differently from the others and the benefits you’re able to provide. Incorporate your personal core values and your own brand personality into the speech. Your elevator speech should be unique to you, something no one else would be able to apply to their personal brand. Develop yours today and be ready to present it to prospects whenever opportunities arise.
4. Make a contribution. Find a cause you are passionate about and is related to your particular field. Give back to society through your expertise. Volunteer to do free work for a local charity. Give your expertise, advice or monetary donations to a charitable cause. By contributing what you know, you’re reinforcing your personal brand and establishing your credibility.

Your personal brand, if managed and developed properly, can become your greatest business asset. Decide today to build up your personal brand, and it will go a long way in your entrepreneurial career.

Marcel Sim is an expert writer in the areas of entrepreneurship, e-commerce and internet marketing. His website,, helps entrepreneurs with small business advice, business tips and entrepreneur resources.

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