A Message from Steve Hastings: Oh Yeah!

Oh yeah! By the time you read this, many of you will still be sky high from the excitement of the Reliv Revolution International Conference! If you couldn’t attend, I hope you’ll take some time to explore the many ways Reliv is innovating your future.

New can designs, new reliv.com, new sales tools and new promotions are just a few of the exciting pieces in place to fuel your personal revolution and move your business forward. Rest assured, the revolution has only just begun — and September MATS are going to amplify excitement about Reliv across the country! Get qualified and be there to learn about additional news, business programs and scientific developments planned for the coming months. I know these resources will add fuel to the fire within your organization and motivate you to share what we have with many more people.

Speaking of motivation, how about a brand new iPad 2 to get you going? One of Reliv’s most popular promotions is back by Distributor demand! After our first iPad promotion, we heard from numerous Distributors about how the Reliv iPad has transformed their business. Don’t miss this second chance to earn yours!

Reliv remains committed to the same rock-solid fundamentals we started with over 20 years ago — nourishing body, mind and spirit with the best nutritional products on earth, a business opportunity designed for anyone to succeed and a mission to change lives for the better. Some things will never change. But now, Reliv is fueling the next revolution with innovation, renewed passion and an even greater commitment to building a better future.

Ask someone about the next Leadership Celebration in Banff, Canada. We’re going back, and there’s a reason. Set your sights, launch your own revolution and join us there!

Steve Hastings
Senior Vice President North American Sales

~as seen in Master Affiliate newsletter,  August 2011

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