8 Tried-and-True Diet Tips

In the struggle to lose weight, sometimes you need some “insider secrets” that go beyond the simple advice of cutting calories and exercising more. Add these tips to your weight-loss arsenal.

1. Chew gum. Keep a flavorful variety of sugarless gum handy so you can quickly reach for a piece when temptations strike. It will keep your mouth busy and give you a flavor boost so you don’t feel deprived.
2. Drink up. While water can seem boring, it doesn’t have to be. Think of it as a treat. Make it sassier (and even healthier) with lemon, lime, mint or other flavorings. When it’s fizz you crave, go for seltzer, which you can flavor just like water.
3. Track your intake. Logging all you eat and drink can be a wake-up call. It also holds you accountable. You’re less likely to overindulge when you know you’ll be seeing everything you consumed in black and white in your diary.
4. Wear snappy reminders. Try wearing a rubber band around your wrist to derail diet sabotages. When you want to reach for another handful of chips or cookies, snap the rubber band. It’s sure to snap you back to reality and help you focus on your weight loss goals!
5. Know your measurements. Measure out commonly eaten foods like cereal so you know exactly what 1 cup looks like. Or what ¼ cup of nuts looks like. Soon you’ll be able to see what the right portion sizes are without the tools. Use your palm as a guide, too. Portion control is king in the weight loss arena.
6. Eat slowly. Enjoy the aroma, flavor and texture of everything you put in your mouth. This will allow your stomach time to tell you you’re full, plus overall you’ll feel more satisfied with the food you’re eating.
7. Crunch it up. Fresh veggies, nuts, apples — even pickles — all offer a satisfying crunch. Plus the more you chew, the less you tend to eat.
8. Think beyond weight loss. Focus on the valuable nutrients you’re feeding your body when you’re making healthier choices. Picture your body soaking in the nutrients like a thirsty sponge. You may just begin craving the healthy foods and shunning the bad stuff. You’re not only losing weight and looking better, but also improving your overall health so you feel better — and live better, too.

Add a Belly-Blasting Power Tool

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