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Effortless to Be Visible With Reliv!

This “Works for Me!” post was sent to us by Bronze Ambassador Chris Toriello of North Yarmouth, ME.

I just had to share two incredible days I had with Reliv!

Yesterday, I connected with several new people and set 4 appointments.  One appointment is with an organization called Strive.  They work with the local basketball and baseball teams here in Maine.  So based on that connection, I picked up the phone and got an appointment with the Portland Red Claws basketball team.  Their former point of contact now works for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, so another potentially exciting connection!

This morning I attended a networking event and was able to present to 15 people. The rest of the morning consisted of back to back errands…Thankfully, wearing my Reliv jacket, Reliv shirt, and a 24K™ doubleshot on my 24K lanyard hanging off my bag, everywhere I went people asked me what Reliv was.  I set three more appointments and got a new customer started… She emailed me her contact information before I could even make it out of the parking lot!

It’s effortless to be visible – and it really pays off!

How are you getting visible in your community? Share your comments here on the blog!

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