The Reliv Conference Experience

You’ve registhandshakeered for Reliv Conference. You’ve made your travel plans. Now, get ready for the conference experience!

Company Store
When you arrive, your first stop is the registration booth. Then it’s time to go shopping!

“After registration, our first stop is always the Company Store! Your new Distributors will be excited, and will want that Reliv logoed gear to start getting visible right away,” explains Ambassador Stephanie Collins from Atkinson, NH. Shopping at conference also saves you money on shipping charges.

TIP: Hit the Reliv Company Store early! Some new items might be so popular that they sell out before conference is over. You’ll avoid having to wait for a restock of the items online when you get home, and you’ll have new gear to wear throughout conference.

Help your downline take advantage of the biggest Reliv networking opportunity of the year. Get to the sessions early for time to mingle.

“I tell my new Distributors to branch out of their familiar group and spend time with people from outside of their area,” says Presidential Bronze Ambassador Mark Metts from Temecula, CA. Ambassadors will be easily identifiable by the ribbon on their nametag. “Networking is a chance for up-and-coming business builders to ask Ambassadors about their keys to success,” Mark says. “Distributors should bring a stack of business cards and a pen to write important details on the back from any new contacts.”

Some new Distributors might need help learning to network. Stephanie acts as “wingwoman” to her group. “If a new person is nervous about going up to strangers, I set an example of how much fun it is. I introduce people to each other and ask them to share their stories,” she explains.

TIP: Wear your nametag on the right side of your chest so it is visible in direct line with your handshake as you introduce yourself.

“In general, don’t worry about writing everything down — just a few bullet points, if anything. If you get too worried about writing all the details, you might miss the big picture,” Mark says.

Stephanie encourages her downline to relax and enjoy the workshops. “By sitting back and listening, you can take it all into your heart,” she explains. This year features the return of breakout sessions. Be sure to work out a plan with your partners to have every workshop covered. Then sit down with your organization afterward and
compare notes.

TIP: If you hear something particularly meaningful in a workshop, post it on the Reliv Facebook page or share it on Twitter using hashtag #Reliv.

After Conference
In the weeks leading up to conference, Mark sets appointments for the week he gets back home. “By having appointments booked, you will already have a fire burning. When you get back from conference, your excitement is like adding wood to make that fire bigger!”

“Conference gives new Distributors confidence,” Stephanie adds. “Use the drive or flight home to lay out a plan and set goals. By the time you touch down, you will be ready to use that momentum!”

Conference Packing List:
· pens and paper business cards (lots of them!)
· Reliv logoed clothing
· 24K™ carabiner and shot to hang from your carry-on bag
· smartphone and charger (don’t forget to upload numbers for those coming with you, so you can stay connected)
· extra double-shots of 24K to keep you alert if you’re driving, or to share with a passenger next to you on the plane

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