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Ryan M Not long ago, I ran into an acquaintance of mine. He’s one of those guys you only see a couple times a year. Immediately after saying hello, he saw the Reliv logo on my shirt and said, “I gotta get some Reliv! I used to take it all the time, but I didn’t realize how much better I felt until I stopped using it.”

After I helped him get back in touch with his Distributor, I started thinking. Here’s a fit, active, young guy telling me how
much better Reliv makes him feel. How many thousands of “healthy” people are out there right now just like him? People who think they’re in good health, but don’t yet know what it means to experience optimal health with the right nutrition.

This month’s Science & Health Today included in this newsletter examines how the right nutrition and lifestyle choices can help people go from feeling “fine” to feeling “great!” I encourage you to read it and to start thinking about all the people you know who could benefit from hearing that message. Did your list just double in size? Bottom line: Everyone can benefit from the Reliv nutrition revolution!

One other point about my story: Did you notice what sparked my friend’s comments about Reliv? That’s right, my wearing a Reliv shirt. Get out, get visible and get people talking about Reliv.

Join the Revolution!

Ryan Montgomery
Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales

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