Get Them to Conference

Group Shot Inspiring success stories, powerful presentations, specialized workshops, big announcements and valuable networking with Reliv’s most successful Distributors make International Conference the biggest Reliv event of the year. But conference is so much more. It’s a revolution for your business!

“Coming out of my first conference two decades ago, I felt like I was bulletproof,” Platinum Ambassador Mindy Jones says. Everyone else was the same, but I was different. Sure, it built up my belief in the company. But more importantly, it built my belief in myself.”

Measuring Growth
According to Platinum Ambassador and Reliv Hall of Famer Terry Renton, conference is a measurement tool for your business.

“This business is about building to conference, regardless of where you are in Reliv. If you bring 12 people, you will reach
Key Director. Bring 40 and there is no reason you won’t be a Senior Director, and so on all the way to Presidential,” Terry says. “Wherever you want to be in Reliv is in direct relation to how many people you bring to conference.”

Getting There
You’ve heard the excuses before: I can’t afford conference. I’ve been to conference already so I don’t need to go again. There’s nothing new I can learn about Reliv at this point.

The most successful Distributors will tell you that now is the time to do away with that kind of negative thinking. No more excuses! It’s time to join the Reliv Revolution!

Set goals now for what it will take to get there. Plan for how much volume or sponsoring you will need to do in the next two months in order to earn enough to cover the cost of your hotel room, your flight or gas for the drive. Treat it like your own individual promotion. This will give you strong momentum heading into conference, and lead to a huge burst coming out of it. The best part is that the reward for this promotion, International Conference itself, is an investment back into your business for even more growth.

“When I first got started in Reliv, Tom Pinnock didn’t ask me if I wanted to go to conference. He said, ‘Michelle, put these dates on your calendar,’” Presidential Silver Ambassador Michelle Nesbit says. “For me, as a business builder, conference isn’t an option. I’ve been in Reliv for 20 years and I have never missed a conference.”

Both Terry and Michelle use this analogy: If you had a job and your boss told you to go to a conference, you would go. Treat Reliv as a serious business, and your business will grow.

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