Shake Off the Mid-Winter Blahs

SubscribeButton-webmidwinter blahsThe excitement of the holidays is over. The weather is uncooperative. The sun is being stingy. And it seems there’s a long, dreary stretch between now and the time any flower buds appear. You may feel irritable, sluggish, bored and start packing on a few pounds. Got the mid-winter blahs?While some people do suffer from a form of depression called seasonal affective disorder (SAD) that rears its head in winter, many people just have the winter blahs or cabin fever. In fact, scientists have found most people’s moods slump when the weather gets colder. Researchers believe it’s partly due to the lack of light in colder months.

If you’re feeling less than perky this winter season, take a few steps to nip the blahs in the bud:

Brighten up. Open your blinds or curtains to let the light in, especially on sunny days.

Get outside. Unless it’s dangerously cold, get outside. That’s what coats, gloves and hats are made for! Take a short walk around the block. Appreciate the seasonal change in landscape. If you’re feeling adventurous, go ice skating or sledding. The brisk air will make you feel more energetic, too.

Make plans. If you don’t have to get out for work, it’s too easy to hole up inside. To keep you feeling productive and less isolated, write a list of things to do for the day, like running errands, meeting a friend for breakfast or lunch, cleaning out closets, planning your spring garden. Or try volunteer work.

Color your world. Keep your home or office flush with green plants and keep something that’s cheery orange on your desk or coffee table. Reds and yellows are mood-lifters, too. Even a bright scarf can boost your mood.

Exercise. Stimulate your body with happy hormones that come from blood-pumping exercise while you build immunity at the same time. Join a league, a fitness class, hit the treadmill or simply take a walk or jog in the daylight.

Pay attention to nutrition. Resist the urge for sugary snacks, which sends energy and mood levels on a roller coaster ride. Also, when sunlight is lacking, your body’s store of Vitamin D may dip low. Vitamin D can elevate mood and protect immunity, both key in winter, while strengthening teeth and bones. You may need to supplement with Vitamin D for optimal amounts. Omega-3 is another proven mood booster. And make sure you’re eating plenty of brightly colored foods, including fruits, vegetables and dark leafy greens.

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