Go on the No-Diet Diet

SubscribeButton-webnon-dietA 2008 American Dietetic Association survey of nearly 800 adults showed that 43 percent do all they can to eat healthy and regularly exercise; 38 percent say they know they should do that but don’t do all they can; and 19 percent don’t feel a healthy diet and exercise are important.So why aren’t people doing more? The survey found that 79 percent said they aren’t doing more to improve their diets because they’re already satisfied with the way they eat; 73 percent said it’s because they don’t want to give up their favorite foods.

But no one has to give up their favorite foods completely as long as they eat them in moderation and add in more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. And there’s no specifically titled diet required: no low-carb, no zone, no points. Just simple, healthier choices. Here are the straightforward ingredients for a healthier diet that can lead to weight loss and better overall health.

  • • Go for more plant foods and whole, unprocessed foods that are rich in nutrients and naturally lower in fat, salt and sugar.
  • • Eat lean or low-fat protein at every meal to fill you up and make you less likely to overeat.
  • • Choose more foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber and water content and are also low in calories while being filling.
  • • Eat more home-cooked meals. When you prepare meals yourself, you have total control over what is in the food and can make smart ingredient substitutes to make a meal healthier.
  • • Don’t eat on the run. If you sit down and eat slowly, savoring each bite, you’ll enjoy your food more and ultimately be satisfied with less. You’ll also give your brain time to get the signal that you’re full.

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